The Laser Clinic is an innovative brand, specialized with ACOLASE advanced Laser technologies endorsed by the International Scientific Community. At the Laser Clinic, you are offered the best permanent hair removal treatment with an advanced system that is suitable for all skin types; white, tanned, and dark skin.


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Technology We Use

The Laser Clinic is proud to offer you the best in laser hair removal technology – the Diode Laser by ACOLASE, High-Tech Milesman. The most advanced and clinically proven technology available to rid your face and body of unwanted hair permanently. Milesman premium gold standard technology features pulses that can effectively treat all skin and body hair types, along with a patented tip that provides continual cooling to the skin so as to minimize any discomfort.

Acolase' Features and Distinctive Advantages

Utilizing ACOLASE; Milesman premium gold standard technology provides you with advantages you won’t easily find with other available laser technologies and here is 7 reasons why;

  • A diode laser technology endorsed globally by the International Scientific Community
  • Ultra cooling protection system for ultimate skin care and a reduced discomfort
  • Distinguished quick pulses (3/second) that enable large areas coverage in less time
  • Dual fast system with a short pulse mode specially available for tanned skin
  • Long life diodes, no consumables
  • Treat all skin types; white, tanned, and dark skin
  • FDA, CE 0120, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ANVISA guaranteed
Why Laser Hair Removal

Old-fashioned hair removal techniques such as waxing and shaving and other kinds of plucking might provide only temporary relief from unattractive hair, but may as well promote hair growth. Electrolysis can be painful and requires years of continuous treatments to be effective. IPL on the other side won’t completely destroy hair cells due to the fact that hair does not heat up enough because of the lack of red light, and light rays other than red will be unnecessarily absorbed by the skin.

Since laser is a pure and a very selective light of same optimal wavelength of red color, it is considered the most effective and safe method for permanent hair removal, especially when performed by a qualified technician. With laser hair removal, you will definitely get a permanent relief from all unwanted hair and only through short series of treatments. You will actually be getting a lifetime smoothness and a hair-free skin in no time and with prices you absolutely can afford.